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Modern technology based on 100 years of experience

For over 100 years, Villiam Petersen has contributed to keeping the gears turning for companies around the world. We produce custom-made gears and transmission parts of the highest quality and precision, ensuring that your company receives the exact gear it needs to keep your product running – now and in the future.

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Your reliable supplier of gears in all industries

We supply gears and parts for almost all industries - and most likely yours as well. Our experience is extensive, and we are familiar with the possibilities within different industries, so we can guide you in the best possible way and deliver a unique product for your production.

Reliable supplier within oil and gas

Villiam Petersen is a supplier of gears and transmission parts within the oil and gas industry, where the components play a crucial role in maintaining production processes and ensuring smooth operation of machinery.

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Oil & Gas

Renewable energy requires strong gears

Villiam Petersen supplies gears and all types of transmission parts to the renewable energy sector, especially the wind turbine industry, so that we in Denmark can meet the UN's Sustainable Development Goals for a more climate-friendly future.

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Renewable Energy

We contribute to a stronger marine industry

For decades, Villiam Petersen has been a reliable partner for companies in the marine industry, where dependable gears and transmission parts are crucial for efficient operations.

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Sturdy Gears for the Mining Industry

We have many years of experience in manufacturing gears and transmission parts for the mining industry, which has been a crucial industry in keeping society running for many years. With our experience and expertise, we understand the importance of delivering high-quality products that can withstand the harsh conditions and demands of mining applications.

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Gears for industrial companies

If you are an industrial company in need of a manufacturer of gears or other parts - or perhaps a reliable partner, then at Villiam Petersen, we have many years of experience working with industrial companies that rely on their machines to function optimally.

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Reliable partner for the defense

Villiam Petersen is a reliable supplier of gears and transmission parts for the defense industry. With our expertise in advanced gear production and transmission parts, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality products that meet the strict requirements and standards demanded by the defense.

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Our Products

Precision and quality that keeps production running

A gear may not look like much. But in reality, the gear and other transmission parts are often the hidden heroes that ensure the machine runs smoothly.

Therefore, all our products are made with a keen eye for precision and quality, as we know how important this small component is for your business and production operations.

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