Oil & Gas:

Reliable supplier within oil and gas

We supply gears and transmission parts within the oil and gas industry, where these components play a crucial role in maintaining production processes and ensuring smooth operation of machinery.

With our many years of experience in the oil and gas industry and our constant focus on delivering products of the highest quality, we are always able to meet the strict requirements and standards within this sector.

Jan H. Mathiasen

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Production Manager / Quality Manager
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Quality and Precision Ensuring the Gas and Oil Industry

The quality of gears is extremely important - especially within the gas and oil industry, as even the smallest error or malfunction can have significant consequences for the productivity, safety, and reliability of the entire plant. A flaw in the gears can lead to downtime, increased costs, and in the worst case, catastrophic situations such as machinery failure or breakdown.

For over 100 years, at Villiam Petersen, we have specialized in providing gears and transmission parts that not only meet, but often exceed the strict requirements and specifications set in the oil and gas industry. Our products are designed with the real world in mind, so they can withstand the harsh conditions they are exposed to in this industry.

We are not just a supplier of gears and transmission parts - we are also your trusted partner in the oil and gas industry. With our commitment and reliability, as well as precision and durability in our components, we can contribute to your operations and efficiency.