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We are your reliable partner for custom-made gears, gear products, and gear services. Whether you need planned or emergency service/inspection for your gears, we can quickly perform the work for you with expertise and quality assurance.

Our experience and expertise in manufacturing transmission parts for over 100 years means that we can produce 95% of the components that make up a gear. This benefits you with fast delivery times and high quality assurance, as we control the entire process.

Villiam B. Petersen

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At Villiam Petersen Gear Factory, we are proud of our team of skilled and dedicated employees, who possess extensive knowledge within our field. With our expertise, you can expect products of the highest quality and professional advice. We are confident that together, we can find the optimal solution for your needs.

We have performed gear service/inspection of Jack-up gears, among other things, for a wide range of customers in Denmark and Norway.

Regardless of industry and profession, we can perform inspection, service, and renovation of all types of gears.

After our work is completed, your gear will be as good as new, and on average, you can expect a 50% cost savings compared to purchasing new.

Our gear service includes, among other things:

  • Quick response in case of urgent needs
  • Supervision in case of problematic gear operation
  • Inspection/report writing with action plan and competent assessment of gear durability
  • Waste oil management and cleaning
  • Measurement
  • Production of new gears and axles, and installation of these
  • Repainting, if desired
  • Assembly of gears, axles, bearings, and sealing material
  • Function testing after service, if desired
  • Delivered complete and ready for installation
  • Dismantling and installation performed by experienced crews

The best products
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With a focus on delivering products of the highest quality, we ensure that both longevity and efficiency are maximized when the product reaches the customer.

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Service & safety

Safety is a given for us - and good service always comes included in the price, so our customers want to come back.

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With 100 years of experience, we are passionate about staying up-to-date with industry developments, so we can constantly meet the needs of our customers and industry demands.

CTA: Custom-made Product

Do you need a custom-made product?

Our focus is not on producing large series of standard products - instead, we help companies that need a custom-made product for their specific product or machine.

We have our own raw material warehouse, but we can also produce your turned parts if there is a need for something completely unique. We always make sure to first identify the core of your specific needs so that we can find the best solution and help you move forward with your project as quickly as possible.